Things To Do

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A work in progress passion project to help people to decide what things to do in Sydney if they're visiting or just bored.


Ever Been Stumped For a Day Out?

Things To Do is a fake blog I created to solve a real problem. Have you ever been stumped for fresh activities to doon an otherwise beautiful weekend? Things To Do is here to help you out. It's a list of every activity you can think of (in Sydney) with a brief description of the place and activity ideas as well as directions. Or, if you're really stumped just click "PICK FOR ME!" until you see something you like!


I created the site for a fun blogsite practice task just after ChatGPT released to test the limits of the LLM, with surprising success. Unfortunately I never got the time to fully complete it so it's on hold with no newsletter and only the "Outdoor" category populated. Because of this the site is password protected to prevent itfrom being publicely crawled on Google. Feel free to access it with the password "letmein" for a preview via the button below or on