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From humble internal newsletter to advanced, multi-faceted CMS website.
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Cyber News Centre (or CNC) is an online publisher dedicated to increasing awareness and knowledge of digital security through expert insights and accessible content. The businesses' mission is to bridge the gap between cybersecurity experts and the general public, making complex topics more approachable and understandable for everyone.

I worked on the all aspects of the business and created the website on Webflow with custom code and multiple integrations.

Origins as an Internal Newsletter

CNC began its journey as an internal newsletter for a tech company specialising in cybersecurity. During my early involvement, worked part-time and assisted in creating images and scheduling this newsletter, which was originally named 'Cyber News Weekly;.

Transition to Publisher

Significant data breaches at companies like Medibank and Optus highlighted the importance of increasing cybersecurity awareness. As this demand grew, the team at CNC chose to transition the business from an internal newsletter to a full-fledged online news publisher to meet this newfound demand.

Early Branding

In the early stages of branding the new online publisher, we aimed to create a modern and youthful image for CNC. We wanted to engage a younger audience who might not typically be interested in the traditionally dry topic of cybersecurity.

Cyber News Centre was created for the purpose of connecting people to cyber security news in order help them be safer online. In order to symbolise this connection we created an animated chain using the abbreviation CNC.

Early Website

Feedback on the initial design was that it looked too youthful and not serious enough. Red was chosen as the primary colour to appear more bold and be reminiscent of a warning or cyber alert, representing that cyber security could have negative impacts if ignored.

Early iterations of the website (first 2 images below) were modelled off a classical news aggregator style in order to appeal to a sense of familiarity amongst news readers, but as the brand developed the business moved away from this style (last 2 images below) in order to stand out amongst a saturated market.

Final Logo

Feedback on the previous logo was that the harsh edges made the brand seem unapproachable, and without an established viewer base the 'CNC' would not be recognised as 'Cyber News Centre'. To remedy this the logo was made to have smoother edges and display the name of the business as well.

Further feedback noted that the shape was no longer looked as obviously like a chain link and so wires were added to represent a link with technology through information provided by CNC.

Content Access Control via Cookies

To encourage user registration (even though it's free but requires an email address), I was tasked with implementing a system that restricted non-users from accessing too much 'premium' content. This was achieved by utilising cookies, JavaScript, and Memberstack to monitor and limit non-users to viewing a maximum of 5 articles before prompting them to create an account.

Integrations for Enhanced Functionality

Finally, the business required multiple integrations in order to function as desired. I worked on implementing integrations such as MailerLite, Elfsight, Jetboost, Hubspot CRM, and more. This was primarily done with the use of Zapier.